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Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus - Partnership project
2Contact person:

Name: Iñigo López - Amaia Villafañez
Title/profession: European project coordinators
E-mail: erasmus@zaraobe.net
Telephone: +34 945393000
Address: Etxebarriaur, 8 - 01470 Amurrio (Araba)


IES ZARAOBE BHI is a vocational training school which gives classes in fields of industrial maintenance (mechatronics), tool machinery and trade and social health care within accredited, Continous and Occupational Training.

IES ZARAOBE BHI is involved in the development of quality systems as an important strategy in our management.

The school works under several quality system and has been awarded the Certification in the norm ISO9000-2000, ISO9001-2003 and the silver Q (more than 400 points) of the model EFQM of Excellence in 2006.

Since 2000, IES ZARAOBE BHI has been involded in development of International Projects of practical training in different companies and countries along Europe. This training takes place during three months and includes two weeks of language course and 400 hours of training an evaluation in the company. The final aim is to receive the recognition of the competences acquired during theis stay.

You can find more information about us in our website.

4Project idea:

The aim of our projects is to increase the realtionships with other vocational training schools. The companies training period is an important and necessary subject to finish the vocational training studies in Spain.

Starting from our own personality, we will be open to different cultures and languages and we will give support to the necessary relationships to reach this target, improving our students' skills to obtain a unique European labour market

Our intention is to increase the number of students involved in European projects and their interest in this kind of programs.

We work with important industrial multinationals companies in the field of the industrial maintenance and mechanize.

We are really interested in participating in student exchange programs to perform companies training periods. We are open, to receive and send students. We will work together on the following roles:

  1. To help with organizing on-the-job learning placements.
  2. To organize language courses if necessary, and socio-cultural program.
  3. To search training companies for students and design the training process.
  4. To keep contact with sending organization(s) during the on-the-job learning period.
  5. To participarte in tutoring, monitoring and evaluation of the stundents' vocational competence.
  6. To provide the procedures for the use of Europass.
  7. To complete the final certification for each student.
5Partners searched:
  • European Vocational training schools working inside Erasmus and Leonardo projects.
  • Working with companies for students training periods.
  • Schools with similar aims to us.
6Key words:
Industrial maintenance (mechatronics), tool machinery and trade and social health care.